Posted by: rlukei | 2014/01/10

Purple Banded Bald Eagle KS at Honey Bee Jan 9, 2014

So, just who is purple banded bald eagle KS? She hatched in a nest in the Thoroughgood neighborhood in Virginia Beach in March 2011 and fledged the first couple days of June 2011. On June 4 she was sitting on the ground about two blocks from her nest and it was assumed by a neighbor that she was injured and she called for rescuers. The juvenile flew into a patch of woods but was captured by these “rescuers”. Fortunately for the young eagle Lisa Barlow, a licensed wildlife rehabilator, arrived and took the eagle away from the rescuers. The eagle was taken to a veterinarian with wildlife experience who found a couple minor injuries, but none that would prohibit release of the eagle. On June 5 the eagle was banded with purple band KS and and released at a large open athletic field near its nest. The juvenile however, had undetected injuries that would not allow the eagle to gain elevation. Lisa was to keep the eagle for a few more days to give it time to recover from its capture and attempted release. A few days later its tail feathers began to fall out and the eagle was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. By late August new tail feathers had grown in and it was determined by WCV staff that it was time for the eagle to be released. On August 30, 2011 KS and Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle with purple band NX were transported to Berkeley Plantation on the James River and successfully released.

NX is heard from on a regular basis because she is wearing a transmitter and her movements are reported on the WCV web site ( However, nothing has been seen or heard from KS until yesterday January 9, 2014 when she was located perched on a transmission tower next to purple banded HK who is from the 2009 nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden, and who has built a nest on Honey Bee Golf Course about 3 blocks from the transmission tower. The three attached photos of KS  were taken by Beverly Nettleton whose sharp eyes spotted her on the transmission tower. Photo of KS on fence just prior to her attempted release by Reese F Lukei Jr. All photos are copyright of the photographer.

IMG_3702 (2)IMG_3699 Bev Nettleton Jan 9 2014IMG_3711 Nettleton Jan 9 2014Eagle Release 06052011 074


Way to go Bev! I wondered how this eagle was doing and thanks to you sharp eye and camera we now know!

Wow!! An eagle talon”high five ” to you Ms go girl…Thanks Reese.. KS lowering her head to HK I guess because he is older? Did he chase her off?

Reese, I think this is one of your best posts!

So many eagles, so little time.

Awesome Beverly! Thanks to you and Reese!

There’s no holding Beverly back now!!! How exciting is this? It’s so great to find a banded eagle that has ties to the area! WAY TO GO BEV – and I agree, this is one GREAT blog post!!!!

This is just beyond exciting! Thank you, thank you, Bev!

This is such a great update. Not often we get to hear the “rest of the story”. Well done Bev! 🙂

I heard about this on WCV chat today, way to go Bev!

Whoop! I had to run down stairs and start telling Lou about this before even finishing the post. Way to go, Beverly! Reese, thanks for putting this up quickly.

Good for you, KS.

Yay Beverly!! You are one good eagle spotter AND photographer!! We are all so lucky for you, -and excited to see one of our kids! Thank you so much, for always getting in gear and going out to look for our kids. Yeah, I know it is fun and addictive– but it’s been cold lately!
We are sure proud of you!
Reese, – this is all because of you you know. (And our beautiful NBG eagles.) Thanks!

Awesome discovery!! It is always so great to hear and see how the banded eagles are doing. KS is looking good!!

That’s awesome, Bev! Big congrats!

Beyond excited. How often do you find a friend after 2+ years and get to know she is doing well! Thanks to Reese and Bev (and possibly HK) we did just that.

This is so exciting! Amazing. Congrats Bev on finding a needle in a haystack!