Posted by: rlukei | 2013/10/21

Libby Mojica Attends Raptor Research Foundation Meeting in Argentina


Libby Mojica (second from left) instructs other researchers how to design and make transmitter harnesses for raptors.

Libby Mojica from The Center for Conservation Biology is attending the 2013 annual conference of the Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) in Bariloche, Argentina. The international meeting has attracted researchers from around the world with a large representation from Latin America. The 2013 meeting is being held in the Nahuel Huapi National Park from Oct 21 to 24 and is structured as a joint meeting of RRF ( , the Neotropical Raptor Network and the World Group on Birds of Prey and Owls.

Recognized as an expert in raptor tracking and harness design, Libby gave a pre-meeting workshop on the design, construction, and application of transmitter harnesses for raptors. The workshop was attended by 25 representatives from 12 countries. Later in the meeting, Libby is scheduled to present a paper entitled “Post-dispersal movements and juvenile survival of the solitary crowned eagle in central Argentina” that gives an overview of early results from CCB’s collaborative tracking project.



How wonderful for Libby – and all those attending to be able to learn from her!!!

How cool is that! Safe travels to Libby and the young condor.
I hope there is another crowned condor or two that the juvenile can find someday.
I just saw a photo exhibit at Radford U that is centered around the people and culture of Argentina. A little boy was holding a condor feather. Photographer is Lucio Boschi.
Response – crowned eagle, not condor. Condors live way up in the Andes in southern Argentina.

Well done Ms.Libby and CCB..

Ah, thanks Reese! Oops!
Another of his photos had a young boy holding a young eagle, also, so my mind got lost. It was a black and white photo and didn’t distinguish what the dark eagle was…