Posted by: rlukei | 2013/09/16

CCB Launches New and Improved Eagle Nest Locator

One of the central missions of The Center for Conservation Biology is to provide information needed by regulatory agencies and the public to enable responsible land-use decisions. Since 2009, CCB has provided bald eagle survey results within an online Google mapping application. This application provides information to regulatory agencies and permit applicants needed to assess potential impacts of construction projects to eagles and allows the public to explore eagle distribution in Virginia. Since its initial launch, the online eagle nest locator has become central to the environmental review process. During 2012 the site was visited more that 40,000 times by regulatory agencies and the public. Access to survey information is changing business and benefiting eagles.

The new Virginia Bald Eagle Nest Locator has several upgrades that were developed in response to requests received by CCB and represent our attempt to better serve the public. Upgrades include 1) updated data for the 2013 breeding season, 2) addition of 100 and 200-m buffers to assist with land planning relative to national and state management guidelines, 3) a search window for navigation to a GPS coordinate or address, and 4) print capability within the internet browser.

CCB would like to express our appreciation to the public for exploring the nest locator and reporting eagle nests that were previously unknown to us. Marie Pitts ( is managing the nest locator and is happy to receive information on unknown nests, questions, and comments.


Adult eagle on nest PG-11-06 shades small chicks in early March along the Appomatox River. This nest produced 3 chicks in 2013. Photo by Bryan Watts


New features of CCB Virginia bald eagle nest locator


This is wonderful..thanks so much everyone

This is so cool! I have only checked the new mapping site for a brief glimpse but I really hope the buffering zones set-in will help people understand and adapt appropriate and more sensitive use in those adjacent surrounds. Thanks to all of CCB!