Posted by: rlukei | 2013/08/29

Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch Association

Dr. Bryan Watts to Address Massachusetts Raptor Enthusiasts

On Friday September 6, 2013 Dr. Bryan Watts, Director of The Center for Conservation Biology, will deliver a keynote address to the annual meeting of the Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch Association. The lecture will focus on the breeding ecology, recovery, and conservation challenges of the Chesapeake Bay bald eagle population. The hawk watch association is a 200-member organization dedicated to the monitoring and conservation of raptor populations. The lecture will be held in Medford, MA (northwest of Boston) and is open to the public. If you would like to attend, visit to find meeting details.

Photo – Dr. Watts holds an adult female trapped in the upper Chesapeake Bay. – Photo bt Bart Paxton



beautiful bird.. hope there is a big turn out.would love to go ..but work always getting in the way.

Hooray! Please keep us posted if there is a video of Dr. Watts’ presentation. This eagle is giving Big Bird some serious competition!
This era of eagle recovery seems to be colliding with ceaseless human development of river frontage and we really need to figure out how to allow these creatures a place to live rather than arbitrarily deciding their existence is an unreasonable burden on our society/ safety/ resources.
Let’s try to get the policies moving in favor of wildlife again.