Posted by: rlukei | 2013/07/24

Bald Eagle KW Released at Mariners’ Museum July 23, 2013

On Monday July 22, 2013 two fishermen discovered an adult bald eagle floating in the James River near The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA. They took the bird to a marina where it was then transported to Lisa Barlow, a licensed rehabilator in Virginia Beach and Director of Wildlife Response, Inc. An examination showed that other than being soaking wet, the eagle was not injured. On Tuesday the eagle was measured and banded with purple band KW and USGS band 0679-01383. Measurements indicated the bald eagle is a male and is perhaps the male on the nest on property at Mariners’ Museum. In the afternoon of July 23, 2013 the eagle was released by Lisa Barlow near that nest site in a large open field. The eagle flew perfectly and disapeared into the trees surrounding the field.

Photos below courtesy and copyright of Lisa Barlow


Photos below Copyright Reese F Lukei Jr

Bald Eagle Banding KW 2013 006Bald Eagle Banding KW 2013 008


So good to see it free so soon 🙂


Wonderful! Thanks Lisa, Reese and all involved!

What a wonderful ending thank you fishermen for the rescue you made it possible for this beautiful eagle to be released…thanks to Lisa you are a best friend to all creatures and to you Reese for posting with pix..

Great to see another one back to the wild! Thank you to all!

He looks mad! Thanks to everyone involved in saving this eagle!