Posted by: rlukei | 2013/06/22

HK Is Becoming an Adult

HK is the brother to Azalea (HH), both of whom were banded at their nest site at Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk, VA on April 29, 2009. HK hatched March 21, 2009 so is now beginning his 5th year and in his present plumage is known as basic/subadult IV with some brown feathers on his head especially behind his eyes. The tail feathers (rectrices) have some dark markings noteably on the tips.

HK has constructed a nest this past fall and winter on the Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach, VA and continues to be seen in the area of the golf course. Yesterday, June 21, 2013, Pam Monahan who has been diligent in monitoring the presence of HK, took this photograph of HK behind Rosemont Forest Elementary School, which is adjacent to the golf course, and overlooking the North Landing River that flows behind the school. (photo copyright Pam Monahan)

HK June 21 2013 Pam Monahan


Thanks Pam and Reese! I’m always so happy to see one of our babies. HK look great!

Oh how handsome you are HK just like your dad..Thanks Pam and Reese

Being able to keep up with this guy is fantastic! Nice shot Pam, thanks for all your effort! Thanks Reese!

Nice to hear about the chicks reared by Mom and Dad Eagle from Botanical Garden. I do so miss the Garden’s Eagle Cam. Thanks CCB and Reese.

It was great hearing that the barrier reef eaglet fledged and are seen flying free. Amazing situation.