Posted by: rlukei | 2013/06/14

Urban Raised Juvenile Bald Eagles Fledging

Throughout the mid-atlantic region young bald eagles are taking to the air for their first time. A portion of these fledglings are coming out of urban nests where they have grown up watching people and all their daily activities. They have become habituated to our human sounds, movements, our houses and motor vehicles. Bald eagles that are hatched and raised in their typical habitat away from all these human activites are wary of us and tend to avoid contact with us.

Not so with these urban reared bald eagles. Here in the southeast corner of Virginia these urban eagles are being seen launching for the first time from nest trees in peoples yards, sitting on the side of roadways, on rooftops, even on porches looking at their reflection in windows. Some of them allow us to approach to within 10 feet or so before moving away. Unfortunately, some people think that because these eagles are on the ground or our rooftops that they are injured and need to be rescued. Rarely is that the case. Most usually they are just checking us out. Some may be on their first or second flight and just need to rest before taking flight again. Give them some time. Take their photos. In a short time they will take to the air on their own without our help.Eagles Saw Pen 2013 014


Eagles Saw Pen 2013 016

First flight from nest in Witchduck area of Virginia Beach (Photos Reese Lukei, Jr)

Eagle juvie BBNWR - Walt Tegge 061313

On side of roadway in Virginia Beach (Photo Walt Tegge)

Eagle Arrowhead Point 2013 013Eagle Arrowhead Point 2013 056

Sitting on rooftops in Thoroughgood section of Virginia Beach (Photos Reese Lukei Jr)

0607_1919_copyA_8 Mike Inman0607_2004_copyA14x11_8 Mike Inman

Juveniles in flight in Norfolk, VA (Photos Mike Inman)



Tanks Reese for sharing the information and pictures!! I miss your updates we used to get for the NBG eagle nest. At east we still ave the CCB site…YEA!

Great photos! Thanks for reminding us that an eagle on the ground doesn’t mean it needs to be rescued. Interesting and informative post!

Sure miss all you folks + eagles. Thanks for pictures!!!

It is astounding to see this going on in such populated areas, for sure. I love the variety of habitats you were able to show as samplings. I wish we could actually try to develop a support strategy to enhance or maintain sustainable green space/ resources for them especially along river banks and near nests… (e.g. Large logs on sand bars, abandoned pier posts – flyways not overgrown to access nests, boats not allowed within certain radius of active nests Mar-Oct).
Near Mt Vernon, a new subdivision on 5 acres (10 homes/sites) of river front, has left only 1 tree (with nest) standing, with 3 juvies about to fledge. I really don’t think the adults will choose to nest there next year.
Co-habitation? Hope we can help to offset the deficits we present.

Thank you for the photo’s and info..everything is new to these babies how to fly,land and where..walking on grass.. give them some space.except if they are injured or in danger.then call wildlife officer

Beautiful… wonderful.. exciting… sure do miss watching and chatting with the mods…. Thanks for sharing.