Posted by: rlukei | 2013/06/09

HK at Rosemont Forest June 9, 2013

Viewers have inquired as to whether HK has been seen lately along the North Landing at Honey Bee Golf Course. On the north edge of the golf course is Rosemont Forest Elementary School. HK was there today. Proof comes from Pam Monahan who captured this great photo of HK flying overhead this afternoon. Photo copyright and used with permission.

HK June 8 2013 Pam Monahan



Way to go Pam, now where is Azalea?

Oh how wonderful..Thanks Pam for the pix and Reese for posting.What a beauty!!!

I took a picture of an eagle in the backyard of Granby Elementary School in Norfolk this morning. Is there somewhere that I can post it?
Response – The Norfolk Eagles web site is no longer active. The eagle you saw is likely from the nest in Algonquin which is close to Granby Elem School.

It’s great to see a picture of HK. He looks good! Feathers don’t look very beat up. I look forward to seeing him in a year when he molts out of his ‘dirty’ feathers!

The Norfolk Eagles Forum is still active. We are preparing to open it up to new members. Reese, do you mind posting the address: We are planning to open up to new members soon. Details will be posted on the site.

We are so fortunate to have eagle-eyed naturalists and photographers stalking NBG eagles. Thanks, y’all.

And thanks to those who are keeping the Norfolk Eagle Forum going.

Yay for Pam! Thanks to you for capturing this awesome photo of HK! It is so great to see our offspring doing well!

chris7 thanks for posting this news. Good to see HK doing his eagle thing. Hopefully we can follow him as he and his mate raise their first clutch of eaglets next year (talons crossed)

How is Camilla & Azalea? Haven’t heard much about them.
Response – Have you checked!