Posted by: rlukei | 2013/06/09

Ground Nesting Eaglets Fledge Successfully June 2013

Report from Dr. Bryan Watts, Director The Center For Conservation Biology

The pair of eagles that have taken up residence within the dunes of a Virginia barrier island have fledged 2 chicks. The chicks have been observed flying around the island and appear to be progressing well. On Thursday June 6, 2013 while flying a shorebird survey, Bryan Watts took this photo showing the adult perched on an overturned myrtle shrub and one of the young in the nest feeding on an egret. The pair appears to be feeding heavily on local waterbirds and diamondback terrapins.

Ground_Eagles_Watts_reduction June 6 2013


Excellent – and interesting too!!!

Very interesting! so glad both youngsters fledged successfully. Any hypothesis why they are feeding so heavily on birds and terrapins instead of fish?

It really is interesting. Thank you, Reese.

So very interesting…thank you for posting!

Wonderful news!

What an opportunity to learn more about wildlife in this increasingly occupied East Coast corridor! Thank you for your research and especially for making its finding available to the public.

Must be very interesting for you (and us) to follow this rare behavior. They were certainly resourceful to make this adjustment after losing their shed nest. Thanks for showing us.

Great news on a sucessful fledge..good luck eaglets..This has been a learning interesting..Thanks to Dr.Watts for shareing info and pix…

Fantastic news! Would you have ever believed our barrier islands have eagles too. Thanks to CCB for all you do!