Posted by: rlukei | 2011/01/17

Landing & Takeoff Jan 17

With launch date tomorrow Jan 18, I thought it appropriate to post landing and takeout photos, and give viewers a view of the forward launch branch with female preparing to leap off the branch and the male watching the action from the nest. Click on photos to enlarge.


Reese–your captures have been wonderful. They have really helped give everyone glimpses while we wait eagerly for the camera to be online. What anticipation! Thanks to you and everyone involved in preparing for this season. Here’s hoping for another very successful breeding. Ocean View

Is the new camera position in a separate tree or the same one as the nest?

Response – Same tree

Reese, Thanks for the glimpse into the new nest. I am anxiously awaiting the live cam!! Especially since we have two eggs at the Blackwater Refuge. This is such an exciting time of year. Let’s hope for a successful breeding season here and at all of the raptor nest.
I wish to thank all who are involved in this project. You do a fantastic job and I do appreciate it. I hope to get to the Gardens this year but time will tell.
Mary Pat – Adamstown, MD

Excellent view we are going to have. Thanks Reese! Can’t wait for the cam to go live, even though I won’t see it except on Saturdays & Sundays until it stays lighter in the evenings.

Reese, you are special to all of us.
The early morn chat reports have been so nice & to have and screen caps extra nice.