Posted by: rlukei | 2011/01/07

Did Someone Say SNOW!!! Where? When?

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Great screen captures Reese!

her fluffy do looks cute in # 1

“I always feel like….somebody’s watching me.” The male is always a character sometimes.

Awesome captures Reese. She sure does look good.

Her expression in #4 reflects exactly how I feel about the prospect of more snow…:( . Thanks, Reese!

Awesome captures of a beautiful bird~~

Okay, I’m confused and the season hasn’t really started…is it HE or SHE? HELP!

Response – These are photos of the HE. The confusion is easy to understand. During the 2009-10 season it was the SHE that had a black feather on her head. THIS season it is the MALE that has the black feather. At first the DGIF biologist, Stephen Living, and I thought “how strange and unusual” for the black feather to grow back during molt in a different follicle. It is even “more strange and unusual” for the lone black feather to appear on the opposite mate. – Reese

At this point, why should any of us be surprised with “strange and unusual” from this pair! Glad to get this piece of info about the black feather this early, though. LOL Thanks again, Reese!