Posted by: rlukei | 2010/12/30

Photos from New Nest Tree Dec 30

I suspect that all the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle fans are aware that the camera was removed from the 2010 season nest tree yesterday Dec 29. The camera and hood were cleaned – there were lots of dead spiders, live spiders and eggs inside the camera housing. With the extraordinary assistance of  Tim, Nate and Julian of Nuckols Tree Care, staff from NBG (Joe, Scott, Ray, Jason), Stephen Living of Virginia DGIF, the camera and transmission equipment were moved to the new nest tree. The eagles did not return to the nest last night, but this morning at 6:57 the male arrived (photo 1)and at 7:11 the female landed (photo 2). The placement of the camera will provide an excellent view into the nest.

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this is an incredible view… I hope everyone involved in the moving knows how much they’re appreciated. …..especially the dead spider removal crew :-))

Thanks to everyone for the long day of work in the cold getting the camera moved. Excellent pics!

Wonderful pictures! Thanks to all who did such great work moving the camera. And it looks like the eagles also did some excellent work on the new nest.

I’m looking forward to the 2011 season.

Dave in Houston

Thanks for the great pics and updates Reese! I am so looking forward to another eagleholic season. Miss all my eagle pals! Nate’s a lumberjack and he’s ok! LOL!

For the record – Julian installed the camera and Nate did all the trimming of dead wood and sharp pointy stubs around the nest. Joe operated the lift that got them most of the way up the tree. The rest of us supervised! = Reese

Thank you for all the hard work. You’ll never know how you have enriched my life but being able to see these eagles daily.

Thank you!! Wondeful job as usual!! AND look at our eagles…they are just gorgeous!!

Thanks to the men of Nuckols Tree Service for again getting our cam moved. Thanks Reese- Stephen and NBG crew.
The screen shots are great– Thanks Reese.
Seeing them together is wonderful!

I am so excited! They are courting and nesting at Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte and now I am getting ready to settle in with the Norfolk Eagles too. The anticipation is great!

Thank you to everyone involved with relocating the Eagle cam. I stopped by when NBG opened and they had just started and returned towards the end of the day and they were just finishing up. I hope everyone that watches the cam this year and furture years understands how many people donate their time making this happen for all of us to enjoy. My hats off to everyone involved with this special pair of Bald Eagles.

Reese…I hope you still have all your fingers and toes.


Thank you for this wonderful placement of the camera. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into a successful season. Happy New Year!

Respect for the people who did a great job in the cold!
The new view is (as usual 😉 ) great. Looks like it’s going to be another wonderful season of Eagle-watching.

Thanks to all involved and Happy New Year all!


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Thank you for sharing these great screen captures of the new nest, Mr. Lukei. Thank you to everyone involved with the camera – so very much appreciated.

Looks like it will be great viewing this year! Can’t wait for it to begin. Thanks to the many people who make this possible. You are so appreciated by us all!!!!

Great view of new nest.. Thanks to all involved moving the cam and getting us ready for another eagle season.


Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Those of us far away also appreciate what you do for the eagles. God Bless You…. Sheribeari

Looks like all are ‘ready’. (Nest, eagles, humans, equipment) What a great way to start the new year! Terrific pics!

A million thanks to you all for taking care of the details. This is soooo great!

Love the view of the nest, and thank you to eveyone!!!

WOW! Everyone has said everything I could think of to say. This is going to be WONDERFUL!
Happy New Year Mom and Dad Eagle, and everyone else.