Posted by: rlukei | 2010/12/05

Male Eagle Photos Dec 5

Despite a few challenges like the wind blowing 20-25 mph and the eagle bouncing like a cork on the sea, the camera being 30 ft away and the lens hood covered with spiderweb, and dappled sunlight these photos of the male came out pretty good. He sat in the same spot on the “love branch” from 11:00am and still there as I post this at 1:10pm. Hope you enjoy.

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wow !!!! these are great Reese. Thanks a bunch for sharing them . The next to last is just cute – just like he is lookin right back at you.

he certainly is a real BEAUTY ♥


Great pictures but everytime you mention the Love Branch, I spend the rest of the day with the theme to “The Love Boat” running through my head! Just substitute “Branch” for “Boat” and it’s a catchy little tune.

Beautiful, love seeing such closeups of him, Thanks Reese for all you do. So loking forward to the new season for them.

Beautiful photos! I especially love the second to last where he looks like he looking back at you! Such a beautiful bird. Thanks for posting!

I just love this site, because of it my family visited NBG this summer for the first time and we took the boat tour and actually got to to see Momma and Daddy at differnt spots, was wonderful to know them by site in person, went and seen what was left of the nest also, it was the highlight of my summer!!!!! Thank you for all you and all do to bring this to the people. Looking very forward to watching daily again and being an “eagleholic” again this year. Thanks again Reese, you are great!!!!!!!!!

I hate to call our majestic national bird CUTE, but that next to last pic is just plain…CUTE. Thanks for the great pics, Reese. I got the 2011 calendar so I could see “my” eagles every day.

And, Mary, I have the same song pass by me when I read about the love branch. Probably dates us that we REMEMBER that song!

I can hardly wait for the nesting season! I so enjoyed it last year, my first glimpse into the eagle world. What a treat! Thank you for all that you and the crew do to make it possible. The pictures are wonderful, especially the second to last!!

Love these pics…. can’t wait for the camera to go live!!!

I can’t wait for the new season to begin. I just retired so I can watch all day long. Lol Thank you Reese. Sue cross

Thanks to your pictures and the Eaglecam, I am now addicted to watching out for eagles in our area. My favorite sighting was about a month ago, at 4:30 in the afternoon. I saw an adult flying around at treetop level over the median strip on Granby St., about three blocks south of Ward’s Corner.