Posted by: rlukei | 2010/10/27

Red Sunrise at NBG Oct 27

For the past 4 weeks the two NBG eagle adults have been frequenting the two front branches of the nest tree early in the morning. A few nights, one or both have spent the night on the love branch. This morning the female flew in at very first light – 6:50 – and sat on the outer end of the branch and photo #1 shows her in the bright red sunrise. The male flew in to the love branch at 7:14 – photo 2, and at 7:30 both still there. Both still there at 7:55 when this posted to blog.

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So prety in red sunrise – thanks reese

Beautiful morning shot, Reese. Can’t wait till eagle season begins again for us and we get to see the cam all the time. So thankful that you’re giving us so many wonderful caps of our favorite eagle couple.

I’m grateful that you share these pics and info about our adored NBG eagles when we can’t be watching the eagle cam. Thanks, Reese, for being “the link”.

So glad our eagles have thus far chosen to stay where we can see them Thanks, Reese, for LETTING us see them thru your posts! And now I know just where to look for Mom’s black feather!