Posted by: rlukei | 2010/10/27

Female Still Has Black Head Feather

Last eagle season one way to identify the female adult eagle at Norfolk Botanical Garden was by a single black feather in the top of her head. After her summer molt she still has the lone black feather. Eagle cam photos as of Oct 27.

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tks Reese—– any spec on why it did not molt into white one?

Rose – White is the color that is absent of any pigment or specialized microstructures. White results when the microstructures of feather barbs scatter light of all color wavelengths equally. For some reason that one particular feather follicle apparently contains melanin that produces the black color. An excellent new book BIRD COLORATION by Geoffrey E. Hill is my reference for this response. – Reese

thanks reese– great explanation

Makes it easier to spot Mom. Reese thanks for all the great photos of our beautiful eagles.

WOW Reese

Just glad to see she still has her beautiful black feather 🙂

Great pictures! I can’t wait to see them start their family again this season! Thanks for the update!