Posted by: rlukei | 2010/09/27

Adult Eagles in Nest Tree Sept 27, 2010

Both of the adult bald eagles were in the nest tree early this morning, Sept 27, 2010. I believe the male – back branch – was in the same position all night as he was there at dark last night. This is the first time I have seen whitewash on these branches this season. Note the white pieces of down the male has pulled out and is stuck on the branch and pine boughs. They flew off together at 7:45 this morning.

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This is such exciting news, Reese! Thanks for keeping us so well informed on our Eagle family.

I was at the gardens last week – lots of down feathers under the nest tree and even a large feather which was quickly turned over to garden personnel. There was lots of fresh white wash on the ground too – guess they had been there in the last 24 hours as all was clean and fresh. Thank you Reese for all the updates.


I believe it’s the female in the background and the male on the “love” branch in your screen captures. The male was on the same branch Sunday morning until 8:30am or so..I left him there so I’m not sure exactly when he left. There was down covering the ground Sunday moring in the grass as well but not as much as you see in the tree itself. The female seems to be shedding it more then (WWHD) the male the last few weeks I’ve photographed them.

Great to hear Mom and Dad are well and alert at nest tree.

Makes me more than ever wish we knew where and how ND and NE were faring!!

Thanks, Reese