Posted by: rlukei | 2010/08/19

Adult Female Weathers Storm Aug 18

NBG Eagles Adult Aug 18-2NBG Eagles Adult Aug 18-4NBG Eagles Adult Aug 18-9NBG Eagles Adult Aug 18-12

August 18 was a really “bad hair” day for the Norfolk Botanical Garden adult female. For the first time in a couple months she sat on the “love branch” in the 2010 nest tree. However, this region was being pounded by a thundrous downpour in the afternoon so she got completely soaked. She got a good wash of her bright new head feathers. By evening she was fairly well dried off and about 7:30 flew to the roost tree and just about dark at 8:00pm was joined by the male adult.

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I will be waiting breathlessly to see if Mom has kept her little black feather on her head. I sure hope it is still there when all the new feathers are in!

she looks miserable !!
so good to see both in and around nest

Reese – thank you so much for posting this – I have been having such withdrawal symptoms. It is so good to see them together again. Guess they are assessing the supplies they will need soon for the nestorations. Thank you for all you do for us. Keep the pictures and updates coming!!!!!!

Momma doesn’t look like a happy eagle! Reese, I am so grateful for the pictures and updates. It is great to hear and see that they are doing well.

Thank you for all you do!

thank you so much reese. I’m also happy that they are getting prepared for their next adventure. It won’t be long before it happens again. lol

Thanks for the update–always glad to know they are at NBG–maybe they came back early to work on the well-used nest after the boys took to the skies.