Posted by: rlukei | 2010/07/25

Adult Sits on Branch Behind NATO Bridge

NBG Eagles Adult on Pine Branch-2

For the past few weeks in the evening after 6:00pm one of the adult eagles at NBG has perched on a pine branch behind the bridge over the canal next to the NATO Tower. The branch is actually right beside the canal, although we cannot see that from the camera view that we have. Here are two photos from the webcam camera, so that when I comment on the WVEC chat that the adult is sitting there,NBG Eagles Adult on Pine Branch-1

you will know what I am seeing.

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Great to know, thank you so much!

It was reported by one of the NBG employees that an adult Eagle (not one of the Norfolk pair) has been seen in and around the nest area the last week or so. I’m wondering if this is that adult that was reported being seen chased off by the resident pair last week. The reason I’m saying this is this is not one of the branches the resident pair usually perches in in this Pine tree.

Duane – It is all news to me. I had not heard that both adults had been seen at NBG lately, let alone a third adult being chased off.
This IS one of the branches one of the NBG adults sits on about 2 out of 3 evenings the past two weeks, then usually flies to the roost tree about 8:15-20.

Nice to know! I’ll be looking!