Posted by: rlukei | 2010/07/14

Adult Poses Below Camera

NBG Eagles Adult July 14-2NBG Eagles Adult July 14-6NBG Eagles Adult July 14-11

Today, July 14, the male adult (I think it is the male) flew to the front branch of the nest tree about 4:15, but sat there for only a minute. I did a search with the camera and located him sitting directly below the camera, where he stayed for over two hours. Gave me an opportunity to get some closeup photos. Note that his crop if very full and that he has molted a lot of his head feathers. Spring and summer are prime time for replacing old feathers. At the beginning of his stay below the camera he was very alert and looking all around, but towards the end of his visit he took a nap.

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Great captures Reese, this person needed an eagle fix!! Wonderful shot of Dad? sleeping. We may dub you honorary Master photographer!! Thanks for sharing.

His job is about over for the season- protect- feed- teach the ” boys “. He is due his spa days.
Thanks Reese !!
You have done a super job too !
Our eagle eyed friend.

What a wonderful view of dad (I will assume you are correct). Thanks for sharing that with us. I am fascinated with NC(Camellia) tracking. And pray that all the \babies\ are safe in their new life! Thanks, Reese!

what a wondeful picture of dad,he is so handsome.
any sighting of the boys,was out at nbg on sunday,i was trying by best to see if i could find one of them,but could not.How are they doing? thanks again rlukei for everything you have done and will do in the future.

Rest well handsome fellow – you have accomplished an amazing feat again and because of your hard work, three more American Bald Eagles are flying free. You have given them great genes and the best training. Thank you for honoring us with your presence and helping to educate so many around the world. You have touched the hearts of people everywhere and given us so much joy.

A toast to you for a job well done!!!!!

Reese, wonderful captures. Thank you so much. Always a pleasure seeing the eagles. Molting but still handsome!

Thank you so much Reese for sharing your knowledge and educating all of us on the wonderful life of eagles. This is my first season with the NBG eagles and can’t wait for the next season to begin. Teach me and I will surely learn.


Reese – in the last picture it doesn’t look all the other pictures I’ve seen from the photographers when they have their eyes closed. Dad isn’t missing an eye is he? Or is it just the way the camera took the shot with the lighting? Thank you 🙂

Wild Irish – Has both eyes. Just asleep with eyelid closed.

Thank you Reese for the pictures and update on Dad. He is beautiful. It has been an amazing year with our Eagle family and your teaching. Our kids are grown and Dad and Mom did a great job. I can’t wait for next year. I miss seeing them so much.