Posted by: rlukei | 2010/07/10

Camellia & Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

NBG Eagles Camellia July-1NBG Eagles Camellia July-2Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron-3Yellow-Crowned Night Heron-5

Camellia (NC) has sat on the front branch of the nest tree for the past three afternoons. Yesterday, July 9, he sat there from about 11:50am until 7:05pm. Neither ND or NE have been seen at the nest tree or camera tree for more than a week.

This morning a young Yellow-Crowned Night Heron sunned itself on the nest tree front branch for a few minutes.

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We had a nest of the yellow crowned night herons on Freemason St. last year. The word was never park on that side of the street? A really attractive bird though.

What a cutie – Duane has pics of Yellow-Crowned Night Heron on the forum .

Guess NC missed his sister coming by to pick him up for the catfish pond 🙂

Stay safe ALL of our babies

An adult Yellow-Crowned Night Heron visited our condo this a.m., sat on the balcony railing for about 20 minutes Loved seeing it so close up–within six feet of our breakfast table, however had to do some cleanup after it flew away.