Posted by: rlukei | 2010/06/15

More NE Release Photos

Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 013Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 018Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 046Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 050

NE was alert and ready to go. He jumped out of the arms of Lisa Barlow up onto the perch. After a few seconds to look about and see where he was he launched, turned to his left and flew low but gaining height and crossed the Rose Garden and flew toward his nest tree about 500 yards away. NBG staff had been placed to stop foot traffic for a few minutes so that he would have a clear flight path. Could not have been a better release. Perfect! – Photos – Reese F Lukei Jr

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These are very moving photos. I’m so glad NE is doing well! Thank you for all your good work!

rlukei, thank you and everyone for taking care of one of our boys.that is one of the most beautiful babies i have seen ,since like year this mom and dad have great babies.thank you duare for being where you were<so our boy had a good safe trip home.

What a gorgeous young eagle he is! Thanks so much for the quick action, and thanks to all others involved.

Hi Reese,

I’m confused a bit on why foot traffic had to be stopped at the garden. I think I understand why but am not sure. Thank you 🙂

Wild Irish – Foot traffic on the footpath adjacent to where NE was being released was stopped so as to give him an unobstructed view and no possible interference. As it turned out that is exactly where he flew across. In the last photo he is flying right across that path.

Beautiful release. It looks as if he isn’t suffering any from his ordeal. Thanks for such awesome pictures and the updates. Hope we don’t have any more drama! LOL

Reese, I continue to get a thrill when I see a picture like the 2nd one with Lisa…the sheer beauty and size of the eagles takes my breath away! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your expertise. I’m totally envious!

THANK YOU ALL…..warms my heart to see him out and about again. just catching up on everything. You all are just simply wonderful caring people. We love all our eaglets so much and never want harm to come to them. Wish we could track them all……