Posted by: rlukei | 2010/06/14

NE Released at NBG June 14

Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 034Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 030Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 033Bald Eagle NE Release June 14 035NE Back in Nest tree-1

After spending the night in the care of raptor rehabilator Lisa Barlow in Virginia Beach, NE was taken to Midway Veterinary Hospital and examined this morning by Dr. Ruth McQueen. NE was found to be in excellent health with no injuries. At 1:00pm today NE was returned by Lisa Barlow to Norfolk Botanical Garden and released back into the wild. He was placed on a six-foot high T-bar perch to get him off the ground and after a few seconds of looking around and orienting himself he launched into the air and flew directly toward his nest which was about 500 yards away. He flew past the nest tree and landed in a gum tree close to the picnic area. About 3:00 NE flew to the 2008 camera tree and then at 3:30 flew to the nest tree and sat on the front branch (love branch) next to Camellia (NC). Back home and all is well.

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Great pictures. Thank Goodness all is well! And thank you for the patience you show all of us who have watched these ‘babies’ for so long! Your updates and expertise are so deeply appreciated.

Yay! So glad he was ok. Dr. MacQueen is an excellent vet…great choice! Many thanks to all involved in this eaglets rescue and care! The right people were in the right place at the right time.

What a beautiful sight – just makes me cry with joy to see NE back in his home.
Thank you all so much for the help you gave our beautiful baby NE

Thank you for the prompt update on your blog, Reese. It’s so reassuring to know that all has ended well (at least for now!) for NE. And huge thanks to you, Lisa, Duane, Shelly, John, the NBG staff, and whoever else was involved in the rescue of NE from the canal. It’s a beautiful and moving story. As a species, we’re not doing so well at taking care of Mother Earth. As individuals, some such as yourselves are having a positive influence, not just taking care of individual creatures, but educating hundreds or even thousands about them. Thank you.

This appears to be a wonderful outcome, and it is wonderful to see NE back at the nest. What are your thoughts as to what might have happened to NE on that day? Will this experience have any impact on his ability to survive? I’d think this was a traumatic event for this little guy and confidence must have taken a hit. Do you have any concerns you care to share?

Thank you Reese for everything you did during this ordeal. A special thanks goes out to Lisa Barlow as well for her prompt response to the phone call she received. It was a beautiful sight to see “NE” leave the make-shift perch and head straight towards the nest…even though he zigged instead of zagged but he eventually ended up back home like nothing happened. Hopefully the rest of this season goes without incident but it’s nice to know so many caring people are out there watching over them.

Featherfun – We know that NE had no physical injuries as a result of the event. As to mental, we may never know. He returned right back to his nest and got right back in the grove of things, so to me looks like he is back to normal for a young bald eagle.

sigh of releif here.thanks to on to the next journey for the boys