Posted by: rlukei | 2010/05/27

Camellia (NC) Makes Maiden Flight

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The evening of May 27, 2010 was VERY eventful. All three of the eaglets in the Norfolk Botanical Garden nest were quite active, but the prize goes to Camellia (NC). After standing on the very front edge of the nest several times, at 6:12pm Camellia made the BIG leap to the front branch (known as the love branch). After 6 minutes he returned to the nest with both of his brothers – ND and NE – and many of us watching. After a couple more jumps to the front branch, he made what everyone has been waiting for at 8:09pm – his maiden flight and right into the camera and what looked like to the camera tree about 25 feet away. You can see his historic flight on video taken by Ann Shirley linked from the Norfolk Botanical Gargen Eagles forum – then Live Cam Observations, Thur 27 May 2010, (posted at 8:36 pm by annsva).

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That was something else to watch unfold on the Eagle cam last night. First with one of his brothers landing on his head as he tried to sleep then the trip to the love branch. Watching him out on the love branch looking around I knew something was getting ready to happen…then poof, right at the camera he comes. I guess motivation comes several different ways…all it took was a brother landing on Thanks to everyone providing us such a unique view of Eagles and their nesting behavior.

What a wonderful start to my day…it takes me away from oil spils, etc. You gotta love the photo of the 2 eagles in the nest looking out at Camilla on the branch. Thank you for my 3rd season watching this beautiful family.

Lovely to watch. I’m so proud of you Camelia.

That is awesome! Is it me, or are this years eaglets developing faster than last years? I seem to remember all three not fledging until mid-June last year.

Stuart – The eaglets this year were born a few days earlier than in 2009. The first chick – HK – in 2009 fledged in 75 days. Camellia – NC – fledged on his 78th day, so a bit longer.

Ahhh, that answers my question. Thanks for the info!

Sooo exciting!!! I am sorry to have missed it but I’m glad you were able to capture it for us!! YAY!!!!