Posted by: rlukei | 2010/05/24

Menu Change May 24

NBG Eagles Gull for breakfast-1NBG Eagles Gull for breakfast-3

One of the most frequently asked questions on the WVEC eagle cam at Norfolk Botanical Garden is what do the eagles eat or do they only eat fish? Bald eagles are carnivorous like all North American raptors. They are opportunistic hunters that feed primarily on live prey. They are in a group of eagles known as “sea eagles” or “fish eagles”, and as such are always located near water. Fish are their principal food for which they forage, but other animals live near water and given the opportunity will become food for bald eagles. That was the situation this morning and as a result the three eagles had yet another meal of gull. Lake Whitehurst surrounds NBG on three sides and has a plentiful population of visiting gull species. Not sure what gull species this was today, but looked like an adult because of the grey and white plumage – juveniles are usually brownish.

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