Posted by: rlukei | 2010/04/30

Eaglets Eating Catfish

NBG Eagles Catfish NC-2NBG Eagles Catfish 2-1

This morning, April 30, after 10am the male delivered a catfish to the nest. The oldest eaglet (NC) was first in line to get his share of the catfish – photo #1. After getting her share, the middle eaglet moved in for its share as the youngest eaglet waited in line for his turn – photo #2.

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They are becoming such beautiful birds!
Reese I have 2 questions, if you please:

Do young eaglets make the same “sound” as the adults, or is it different until they become a certain age and then make that distinctly bald eagle sound?

Has it been decided which eaglet will receive the transmitter, or will it be decided when they are out of the nest and recognized as male/female?

Dollyrag – Young eagles and adults make the same sounds. Libby Mojica will make the decision as to which eaglet gets fitted with the satellite transmitter after they are examined.

Thank you. I wish I was not so far from NBG so I could hear the young eaglets for myself. Looking forward to transmitter day!