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We are Growing Rapidly

NBG Eagles April 5-1NBG Eagles April 5-4

The NBG eaglets are growing at a rate of about one pound every three days. For the first 30 days or so most of their energy goes into putting on body fat. You have probably noticed that they are moving about the nest better, but walking on their “tarsus” (lower leg bone) not their feet. Their heads are now more steady because they are developing some muscle control.

Here is a list of terms I used in my talks at Norfolk Botanical Garden last Saturday that you might find helpful.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Eagle Talk

April 3, 2010

Reese F Lukei, Jr, Research Associate

The Center For Conservation Biology

College of William and Mary 

ECOLOGY- Study of animals and plants in relation to their environment 

EAGLE ECOLOGY – Study of eagles and their environmental relationships

ETHOLOGY – Study of animal behavior

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR – The result of interaction between genetic and environmental influences

INNATE – Born with

INSTINCT – Natural to the species – Inherited behavior

IMPRINTING – Filial – To fix indelibly in the memory – Specialized form of learning

LEARN – To gain knowledge or understanding by study or instruction

HABITUATION – Becoming used to

ASSOCIATION – To connect mentally

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Reese, the class was very informative and I enjoyed every minute. I strongly suggest any of the classes to anyone who loves learning about eagles. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

Reese, I am studying the terms and definitions so that I can use them in “casual-conversation” regarding eagles and other wildlife!
(Also, I want to be ready for the POP QUIZ, if one should occur.)
THANKS for keeping us educated. We are learning so much from this experience with the eagles…and from you.