Posted by: rlukei | 2010/04/04

Easter at the NBG Nest

NBG eagles Fermale Adult-2NBG Eagles Easter-3

It was a bright, sunny, warm day at the NBG eagle nest. Early morning sun provided the opportunity to get some great closeups of the adult female. As for the three eaglets, they slept through most of the day. Happy Easter to all.

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Great pictures Reese.

these babies are great,their parents are good parents.they are growing like weeds.i have been watching this couple for a long time,have never seen a better pair of parents.they take care of their babies.thanks again reese for the wonderful job you are doing.isnt that mom beatiful.

Reese, thank you and all concerned for bringing us (the public) closer to Gods creatures..This is my first year watching this pair..They are beautiful..