Posted by: rlukei | 2010/04/01

The Three NBG Eaglets on March 31

Bald Eagle 056Bald Eagle 074Bald Eagle 093Bald Eagle 101

Photo #1 – eaglet #1, photo #2 – eaglet #2, photo #3 – eaglet #3, photo #4 – all three in order 1-2-3

Reese Lukei Jr – Click photos to enlarge

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Wonderful pictures! They look so cute and fuzzy. It is amazing how large their feet are….even their talons are long. Thanks for posting!

Thanks Reese . Love being able to see them up close with such great detail. 3 precious little ones !

Reese, I am wondering…since looking at the beak helps to ID our eagles as male or female (Dad or Mom), can the beak also be used to determine gender in the young eaglets?

Dollyrag – One of the measurements we take is of the beak size. This does help to determine gender in combination with other measurements and weight. As you likely read in Dr Watts letter, these three eaglets were smaller than we anticipated based on many years of collecting such data. We were not able to determine gender, but will most likely be able to do so in a month or so when we return to fit one of the eaglets with a satellite transmitter.

i am still curios….when the eaglets (now) have there wings against them are they about 8 inches wide ? and when their lil wings are spread are they about 18″ from tip to tip of wings?

Reese – hate to bother you but…will any way lol.
Since the 1 chick was banded and they fell off – will his/her bands be re-used or will have to get new ones ?

Dixie – We use new bands. Once the rivets are put in very hard to remove.

Dear Reese,

thank you much for posting these Wonderful, Amazing pictures of these tiny and look-like-creatures-of-Heaven eaglets. I can’t stop gazing at them!
I totally fell in love by the project and the opportunity given us by you all, to assist, to admire, to protect, to understand and to love this piece of wildlife, the Nature itself. Thank you!

Sending my best to all of you,
Susana (Lisbon, Portugal).

Susana – Thank you for your comments. I was in your beautiful city of Lisbon very briefly last May.

It’s so good to hear nice words about our home town :). Thank you! I hope one day to have the chance of visiting the Gardens!