Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/26

Peering Over the Edge

Shelly first eaglet photo 032510-2NBG Eagles Mar 25 Out of Cup

Yesterday, March 25, for the first time the three NBG eaglets were strong enough to make it up and out of the nest cup that they have been confined to since hatching. In photo #1 above by master photographer, Shelly Fowler, you see the oldest (I presume) of the eaglets peering over the edge of its nest for the first time. In photo #2 from the eagle cam you see the chick on the left out of the nest cup as it rests for a minute (it was a tough climb) and celebrates being two weeks old.

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Great pictures! It’s hard to believe that in two short weeks, they are able to move around so much. Amazing how much they have grown already. I sure hope one doesn’t fall out of the nest!

How sweet. The littles one are getting bigger and bigger and more active. Awesome photo Shelly took. How nice to be able to see all this and read about their progress. A big thanks to Reese and Shelly for the photo’s and all you do to keep this wonderful site so informative

That peering over the edge is making quite a few of the cam viewers very nervous….is there a need to be concerned about the nestlings tumbling out of the nest? 🙂

Ann – Falling out of the nest is a rare happening, especially at this young age. Their weight is in the body which at the age of two weeks they cannot yet get up on the edge of the nest. Better chance of falling from the nest is when weeks older and testing their wings like HE did last year on June 2 which was only a few days from her fledging on June 8.

I see there is a contest to name the Eaglet that will get the transmitter. Do we know the sex of the Eaglet that will get it? so name decision making can begin.
Thanks for everything you all do for us. I truly appreciate it.