Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/19

Sunrise Breakfast from Dad

NBG Eagles Sunrise Breakfast-1NBG Eagles Sunrise Breakfast-2NBG Eagles Sunrise Breakfast-3

Dad feeding breakfast to the three eaglets at sunrise March 19. Click on photos to enlarge.

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They are so cute and fuzzy…as well as tiny. It is amazing how something so small will grow so big in such a short time.

Hi Reese. Question about the sexual dimorphisim in eagles. This female’s beak appears to be broader and “duller” than the male’s, whiile his appears to be narrower and “sharper.” Is this true of most male and female eagles? or just an artifact of the fact that this male is probably younger than her? On the other hand, if it is generally the difference between males and females, can it be that the less sharp bill is better for feeding eaglets and the sharper bill is better for hunting, or is that just too speculative?

Paula – The size difference that you mention is related to sex with the female bald eagle always being larger. As to the color of the beak, that is more likely an individual thing that could be related to diet and maybe even age. As to which beak, male or female is sharper, I just don’t know if there is a difference. Both sexes depend on a sharp beak to be able to tear and rip their food apart. I recently had a 25 year old male to care for and it still had a bright yellow beak that was probably as sharp as it had ever been.