Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/14

March 14 Two Eaglets

NBG Eagles Mar 14 Two Chicks-1NBG Eagles Mar 14 Two Chicks-2NBG Eagles Mar 14 Two Chicks-3

This morning, Sunday March 14, the camera is working but it cannot be moved or adjusted. There was a power failure last night. However, the camera is focused on the bald eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Between 7:25 and 7:36 this morning the eaglets were fed. Only two chicks can be seen in the three photos attached. White egg shell can be seen in the bottom of the nest but no sign of a third hatchling. The piece of green pine bough is blocking our view, so maybe behind that. I will add photos until repairs are made at NBG. I will post a note on WVEC web chat.

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Thanks for updates . . . when cam is down, you always come thru for us Reese . . greatly appreciated!

Thanks for everything you do for us Reese. Very excited to maybe see #3 today

reese, this is my 1st. year seeing these beautiful creatures like this. i have lived in the virginia beach area for 30 years and never knew it was there! thank all of you for the learning experience! thank you Congowongs, Ms.AudreyAnn, dixie, Shoebutton and the whole gang for your patience with answering my questions. you have made this experience for me wonderful. i am donating and adopting so my grandchildren can enjoy this for years to come. sincerely, pamela

I LOVE MY EAGLES !!! Thanks 4 the pics…..