Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/12

NBG Chick #1 Photo Gallery

NBG Eagles Chick#1-1NBG Eagles Chick#1-2NBG Eagles Chick#1-3NBG Eagles Chick#1-4NBG Eagles Chick#1-5NBG Eagles Chick#1-6NBG Eagles Chick#1-7

These are photos of eaglet #1 who hatched March 11th with her mom early this morning. The eaglet is being given droplets of moisture from the tip of her mother’s beak. Click on photos to enlarge.

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Absolutely magnificent photos! Many thanks.

I am having trouble keeping up with last years events. For one, who is Azalea? Thanks for the site. It is wonderful, but I am new to it.

@EarthSis –
Azalea has the same parents as this newest eaglet; she is one of three eaglets fledged from the NBG nest in 2009. All three were banded, plus she was fitted with a satellite transmitter backpack, which has allowed researchers (us) and the public to follow her progress since leaving her natal territory. See EagleTrak blog to learn about her travels.

These pictures are terrific. The baby is so cute and the parents are so attentive. I love this cam!

This is the first time I have been able to witness such an exciting event. I started watching these eagles last yr after they laid their eggs and had hatched. This is just beautiful!

So gald to see photo because last year I could see the cams but for some reason unable to view them and do not know why. This was the one site I truly loved and miss it . I have checked everything and still unable to view. keep the pics coming