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Bald Eagle Eyes and Vision

Eagles 020Eagles4380

Many people have asked questions about an eagles eyes and just how good is their vision? There are many myths and misinformation about how well eagles can see. No one really knows all the answers including me because we can’t see through their eyes. Rather than attempt to explain the details about what ornithologists do know about eagle eyes and their vision, I am referring you to the most in-depth and accurate information I know about. It is a two-part article, “Vision: An In-Depth Look at Eagle Eyes” by ornithologist Laura Erickson at Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. To help us understand better, she compares what a little boy’s eyes can see, to that of an eagle. I encourage you to read this article

Photos are an adult bald eagle about 8 years old, and a 2 month old juvenile (Azalea) – Reese Lukei Jr

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Dear Mr. Lukei,

Thank you so much for your great daily updates. My students come in each morning and the first thing that they want to check is, “What did Mr. Reese say today?” We look forward to your insights and information. After making a timeline and calendar for the eagles progress, we realized that they are due to fledge the nest the same week that we will fledge our “2nd Grade Nest” and move on to 3rd. Thank you for making this such a great project and authentic learning opportunity.

Mrs. Clover’s 2nd Grade Class
Pullen Elementary School
Rockwall, Texas.

great reading-thank you for sharing the article

Thanks Reese. Excellant article and very informative

well reese, that answers all i’ve wanted to know and an excellent article. thank you for posting that for us to read.

Mr. Lukei,
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful information on this pair and eagles in general! I am wondering if eagles also have good hearing or do they rely mostly on their keen sense of sight for hunting and spotting predators.
Thank you.