Posted by: rlukei | 2010/02/08

Expected Hatch Dates

NBG Eagles Third Egg-13

So what everyone wants to know now is when can we expect these three eggs to hatch? For this pair of bald eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden we have a pretty good guide to go by. In 2007 they produced three eggs on almost the very same schedule – Jan 31, Feb 3 and Feb 7. Those eggs hatched on March 10, March 13 and March 15. I recommend that you take a look at the “Eagle Nest History” page at

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Scott is still expecting the fourth egg especially since they were mating Sunday!

Reese, How far does the white tail extend up the eagles’s back? When they are in the nest, I see so much white at times. I never see that much white in flight.

Lucy – There are many factors that determine what part of birds we see. In your question, we usually see the top part of the eagle in the nest because we are viewing from above, and in flight we usually see the bottom part because we are viewing from below. The attitude of the eagle has a lot to do with what we see – tail open or closed, soaring or in a dive, wings open wide or partly folded. In the nest is it laying down or sitting up, preening, or stretching. More of the white in the tail feathers is seen from above because the tail feathers (rectrices) are attached to the upper part of the eagles body.

What just happened? Mom left nest and went to Love Branch while Dad sat on nest… then you could see her “talking” to him. He left nest and flew next to her and they seemed to be discussing something.. she sidled over to him and snuggled her head against him. He said something and left.. she seemed to call after him then went to sit on nest. Looked like she wanted a little somthin’ soumethin’ and he wasn’t obliging… too funny 🙂