Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/30

Eagles in Snow Covered Nest Jan 30

NBG Eagles Snow Jan 30-1NBG Eagles Snow Jan 30-2NBG Eagles Snow Jan 30-3

The weather forecasters got this one right! It is SNOWING – heavy snow. The NBG eagle adults came to the nest later than usual this morning, about 7:10, and found about an inch of snow in their nest. After poking around in it for about 10 minutes the male flew off. The female stayed about 10 minutes longer, then she flew off also. It is almost 9:00 and neither have returned. At least 2 inches of snow in nest now. Snowing and 27 degrees.

NBG Eagles Snow sitting Jan 30-2NBG Eagles Snow sitting Jan 30-3

10:20 Located one of the eagles (female?) sitting in a tree about 300 feet from the nest tree. Just waiting out the snow storm.

NBG Eagles Back in Nest Jan 30-2

2:35 – The eagles returned to their nest for 5 minutes. They appear to be completely puzzled by the snow in their nest, especially the male who you could see pick it up in his mouth and flick it off his beak. The snow is now at least 6 inches deep in the nest.

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I love watching the eagles, but this is definitely something new for a change. What temperatures can eagles withstand until it is too cold and die? Will they be okay? Will they be able to find food?

Oh, one more question. Is it really you on the forums? Someone registered as “Reese”.

FeatherFun – Yes, I am registered as Reese on the Norfolk Eagles Forum

How do you get involved with the Norfolk Eagles Forum?

Ilovelucy – Norfolk Eagles Forum is a private web site provided for the benefit of the public (and researchers) about all aspects of the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

FeatherFun – Bald eagles are well designed by nature for cold weather. They range throughout the U.S., Alaska included, and much of Canada. This is a very critical time for all this snow since we expect them to begin egg laying any day now. A nest full of snow is not good. They will be fine for several days if unable to find food.

Reese, if she were to lay an egg in the snow in the nest, do you think it would survive? Would her body heat melt the snow where she lays the egg? I hope she waits until it has melted!

Thanks, Margy

margy – If the eggs were to be layed in the snow they would have no chance of survival. The egg must be maintained at a temperature of 105F.

Reese – can the female delay laying her eggs until the snow melts out of the nest? Thank you.

Reese, since we expect egg laying to begin in next several days, what will she do if she feels the need to lay them while snow is still in nest? Will she go ahead and lay them and they not make it or try to hold off? Can she hold off or is she like people and weather wont matter when the time comes?

I know this is nature, but it is heart breaking to watch.

Good luck you two, everyone is rooting for you.

Emalee & Bobbi – No different than you ladies. Once the process is started it is a matter of time. For the eagle, once his sperm and her ova find each other, it is a matter of about 24 hours for the egg to be formed in the oviduct. This snow storm is very poorly timed.

any chance someone will climb tree and remove snow ?