Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/28

Cam down Jan 28 a.m. –

NBG Eagles Jan 28 early-9

Nest empty last night

Male to nest at 6:40 this morning – mom still sleeping?

6:56 Mom to nest – both arranging nest

7:15 Performed the tango on back branch

8:13 Eagle cam working again

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Oh oh oh, there was so much activity in the nest late yesterday afternoon – I ‘m sure it will be soon!

interesting, you see the camera on the same time i signed in but i get no picture?? frustrating. often i’ll go 1/2 day with this problem, anyone else having the same difficulties with the camera? i actually saw the camera fade out but the time was still running at the bottom?? help???!!!

Beautiful capture and a wonderful way to start the day

I love this picture. I was really hoping she would have laid an egg by now. But maybe its good thing she hasn’t because of our expected bad weather.

camera came up and who ever was in charge of it at 8:40 a.m. today, Jan 28th did a WONDERFUL job. I have never seen her or him look so beautiful. Good Job. I hope there were still photos taken. She’s laying down and it’s only 12:55!! I do hope she waits until Monday or Tuesday to lay these eggs!! Reese, will she be able to keep them warm enough if she has them over the weekend??????

Patti – The male is laying in the nest. Female has moved to back branch. Yes, they will be able to keep their eggs warm. The pine straw, grasses, feathers from gulls they have eaten, plus their own down will provide sufficient insulation to maintain egg temperature at about 105 degrees.

Wow, that’s very interesting. Oops, oh well, i still can’t tell them apart. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Now we can all have peace of mind for the future eaglets and cold weather.

Reese… when do you think we can expect to see the first egg? Best guess 🙂

Has the camera focus seemed a little fuzzier than usual today, or is it just my picture? Maybe the wind? Thanks for all the commentary, it is so detailed!

No eggs yet and I already can’t stop watching them!

I may be behind on the times, but whatever happened to the live chat we had last year?

Noelle – WVEC has told us that the “CHAT” will return in February. WVEC has a whole new system and all their programs have had to be rewritten.

Sheribeari – I am not sure that even the eagles know just when the first egg will appear, but all the signs like their spending more time in the nest indicate it will likely be in the next few days.