Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/25

Jan 25 Strong Storm Raging – Camera feed Down

There is a very strong storm crossing southeast Virginia this morning. The camera feed to WVEC is down again. Camera is working. As of 7:35 the eagles have NOT come to the nest. Must be sitting tight in their roost tree this morning. Me too. Have not gone to end of driveway to get the newspaper and risk getting conked in the head by a falling tree branch.

NBG Eagles Jan 25-2

10:10 My electricity has been off so do not know what activity at nest has been. Right now male sitting at far end of branch to right of nest. Looks like WVEC connection is still down. We have had one heck of a storm this morning. Starting to calm down. Photo at 10:33 – male left, female right


10:20 Got camera adjusted. Both eagles sitting on branch.

11:20 Male away – Female sitting at far end of right branch. Rain and wind have slowed down considerably.

12:20 Both adults sitting on “Love branch”.

1:30 Both adults away from nest tree

4:25 Cam working

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thanks reese – stay safe- the wind is roaring !

I don’t blame them! I’m not budging out of this house!

Reese….I was at NBG yesterday. There appears to be another nest under the eagle nest. Has part of their nest fallen?

Sorry about commenting before. I see that you already know the Eagle cam is down. I hope the Eagles will and their nest will be ok in that high wind. Helen