Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/23

WVEC feed down Jan 23

NBG Eagles Jan 23 2NBG Eagles mating Jan 23-2NBG Eagles Mating Jan 23-6

Techs have been notified that the WVEC feed appears to be down this a.m.

Camera working – eagles arrived at nest at 6:40 – mated on love branch at 6:49 At 7:07 Female sitting in nest male on back branch.

7:14 nest building – photo above from cam

8:00 male in nest – female on back branch

8:16 both male and female leave nest tree

9:55 Neither adult has returned to nest tree – off fishing

12:55 I have been out checking on possible new eagle nest so not been watching for couple hours – but no eagles at NBG nest at the moment

1:14 Both adults return to nest tree

2:03 Mate again

3:40 Both adults away from nest tree again

5:00 Both eagles return to nest – 2nd photo above

5:07 Mate on “Love branch” – 3rd photo above

5:27 Male leaves nest tree

5:42 Female leaves nest tree


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Thank you! It’s hard to swallow my morning coffee without the eagle camera online 🙂

thanks ——– keep us posted

I thought this camera was also supposed to have night time infrared, but I haven’t been able to see anything at night. Am I mistaken?

Here it is Saturday and I thought I would get to see our eagles, but not yet. Thanks Reese for updating us.


Thank, you Reese. Margy, I saw IR in the beginning when the feed first came up this season, but it has been days since I have been able to see the nest at night. I don’t know what’s going on.

I now you guys are working hard to get the camera back working….I’ll wait… I’ll wait…They should be in the next again and soon have their eggs….. I miss them…..

I missed spelled word… i was typing to fast….

RE: IR Light
There are actually two IR lights. One is an internal IR light with a very limited range. It does dimly light up the nest and is on all night. If you go full screen (double click WVEC picture) you can see the nest lit up better. The other IR light is external and shines very brightly on the nest. However, it only stays on for a few minutes at a time and requires someone to keep cutting it on when it goes out. Once the eagles lay their egg(s) we will monitor this IR light more often.

Ahh, (re: IR) that’s how it’s set up. I captured an image from the cam with what I think is light from the IR (see link to my name). It looks like the eagle is looking into the setting sun but it isn’t really the sun. I think it’s kind of cool.

Oh dear, I miss them too! I hope the tech folks who are working hard on this are being well cared for.

Have a nice day, all!