Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/13

WVEC eagle web cam is live

NBG Eagles Female closeup 5

Photo – Female Jan 13, 2010

The WVEC bald eagle web cam went live today Jan 13, 2010 at Click on eagle cam logo on home page. If you get a white box with a red X, you need to look for tool bar above white box and click to activate ActiveX. The online “chat room” will be available in Feb.

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Reese, saw on noon news at WVEC today where reporter said eagles are “expecting”. Have seen mating but think it is a bit soon for expecting isn’t it? Showed the same interview as the 5:30 one you did yesterday and that wasnt mentioned. Let us know what you think? Expecting? or wishful thinking?

bobbim – The eagles are expecting to be expecting. Only they know for sure.

Thanks. About what I thought also


I tried unsucessfully to click on the eagle cam web. Is it because it has started yet, due in Feb.? I’ve gone to, clicked on the eagle logo, but no white box comes up.
Does anyone have any ideas? Am I at the write web site? Or do I have to wait until Feb. when it offically starts. I]m having no trouble see the eagle parents. Thanks, Judy