Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/12

Muskrat for Lunch Jan 12

NBG Eagles Muskrat 2
NBG Eagles Muskrat 3
NBG Eagles Muskrat 4

As the scientific name for the bald eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus (white-headed fish eagle) indicates, their principal diet is composed of fish – as much as 90%. But today at Norfolk Botanical Garden at 2:40pm the male adult brought the female part of the other 10% of their diet – a muskrat (an aquatic rodent). He had already eaten part of it. It took her until 3:14 to take the last gulp, then fly to the front branch to clean her mandibles by wiping them on the branch. Click on photos to enlarge.

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I just tried to go on the cam, but it’s all black. Is their a problem that I’m not aware of. Anxious to see the eagles again.


Judy – The picture has been up. Went down just after 9am. Hang in there. This is a highly technical process. Everyone doing best to provide best live web cam possible.

Was able to show the eagles to my HS freshman biology students today just as it was getting dark at NBG (3:00 California time). Students were very excited to see an eagle at the nest and were full of questions. Showed them the slides of mating, many were surprised at how birds mate. Can’t wait for eggs (around Feb 1) and babies (mid March) if all goes well. Night cam is working.