Posted by: rlukei | 2010/01/11

Expected Egg Laying Date


There have been several inquiries as to when we can expect the NBG adults to begin egg laying. The best estimate we can make is to use their past egg laying dates as a guide. The first egg layed in 2006 was Feb 2, in 2007 it was Jan 31, in 2008 it was Feb 1, and 2009 it was Feb 10. In the photo above are two bald eagle eggs compared in size to a hardball. Click on photo to see full size view.

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That’s real good to know. Those are some large eggs! I can imagine a chicken egg next to one of those. Everyone’s eager for them to get started, it seems. I know I am, but you can’t rush time. I do think it will be a very good year. Thanks Reese. 🙂

I just hope our new babies are healthy , happy and always free of anything that would harm them.

Yikes….I’ve lost track of time waiting for the live cam! We could have eggs as soon as 2 1/2 weeks!!! :-0

Holy Cow! we’re going to have a baby!! Maybe Three! Thanks for the Comparison Reese. Poor Mom!!