On March 22, 2008 a bald eagle egg was laid in the nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden, the fifth of the breeding season for the eagle pair. The first two eggs of their first clutch were abandoned as the result of both adults being driven off their nest by an intruding female transitional fifth year eagle. The NBG pair returned to lay two more eggs in a second clutch, but they were crushed on March 20 about midnight when the female was startled. Their third egg of the second clutch was laid two days later and successfully hatched April 27, 2008, and was growing normally until a growth was noticed on its upper mandible resulting in his removal from the nest on May 22, 2008 . He was then taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia where it was determined that the growth was avian pox and his bill had been severely deformed by the growth.

Today “Buddy” as he is known, made a return visit to Norfolk Botanical Garden during the Bald Eagle Festival almost 4 years after being removed from his nest. “Buddy” is being trained at the Wildlife Center of Virginia to be a wildlife ambassador. His return to Norfolk Botanical Garden was truly a triumph in many ways. Here are a few of my photos of his return. Photos copyright by Reese F Lukei Jr.


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Wood Ducks Visit NBG Eagle Nest April 28

Surprise! Surprise! At 8:06 this morning, April 28, 2012, a beautiful pair of Wood Ducks paid a brief visit to the Bald Eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Wood Ducks breed in this region and are likely looking for a place to raise a family. They usually build their nest in a cavity or specially placed wood duck box in a swampy area. They sometimes raise two broods in a season of 10 to 14 chicks. Incubation 27 to 30 days. All the chicks in a brood fledge at the same time. Here are four eagle cam photos from this morning and a video taken from the web cam by 33Jorgey. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuPkNSUe3A4&feature=youtu.be


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Male & Female #4 April 9, 2012

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Female #4 Returns April 8, 2012

Since March 30 the big question has been ‘Where is female #4?’ Well, we do not know where she has been, however, we do know where she was this evening – back at the NBG eagle nest tree. At 7:20 the male and female #3 were in the nest. It was evident that both were nervous and behaving as if another eagle was nearby. About 7:35 the female took off. At 7:37 the male suddenly looked toward the camera and began screaming. I was certain it was because another eagle was really close, so searched with the camera. Female #4 was sitting about 20 feet to nest left on a branch. She sat there until 7:57 when she flew off. I think female #3 was still close but could not find her with the camera. As of this post at 10:00pm the male is sitting on the back branch of the nest tree.

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Male Easter Close April 8, 2012

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Male with Female #3 April 5, 2012

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Male At Sunrise April 3, 2012

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Photos – Male & Female #4 March 25

Click on photo to enlarge.

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Richmond Eaglets Now a Week Old

The two eaglets in the nest on the James River in Richmond, VA are now a week old – born March 16 and 18. At this young age they are still completely dependent on their parents. That includes keeping them warm. They are born without their own thermal sysytem, which develops in about two weeks. Here is a link to a video by Michelline of their first week – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8x2mhZNqdM&feature=related

The photos are from the eagle cam provided by The Center for Conservation Biology – www.ustream.tv/richmondeagles – and taken on March 22, 23 and 25.

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Female #4 Photos Mar 24

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