Posted by: rlukei | 2014/06/09

Sibling of Bald Eagle MR Fledges June 9 2014

Saw Pen juvie 06092014 W Stephens (2) small

One of the three nestlings in the bald eagle nest in Virginia Beach has fledged as of June 9, 2014. The sibling of “MR” was seen today soaring with its parents over the Lynnhaven River at Witchduck. This photo was taken by Woody Stephens.

I visited the nest site this morning and found “MR” and one sibling in the nest tree. I could not find the third eaglet. Thanks to Woody Stephens we now know why. The other sibling is now a fledgling.

Here is “MR” looking at me over her shoulder this morning.

Eagles Saw Pen 2014 026

Here is the sibling still in the nest tree this morning.

Eagles Saw Pen 2014 005






Another eagle soaring the skies, how very exciting, and soon two more!!

Great photo Woody Stephens, thank you for sharing with us.

As always, thanks Reese for a wonderful blog.. as exciting as Map Day and we had a bonus!

Thank you for sharing the photo’s.Mr.Stephens what a treat..I love the way they relax with their leg “dangeling”over the side cute..Reese I see you got the “look” again.ha . another stinker takes go big girl..

Can’t wait to see how MR and siblings fair! Thanks, Reese!

Anxious to see where she goes.

I’m still amazed to see photos of NC. He’s the first I watched from start to finish so to speak.

Thanks to all contributing to this site so all who want may see the photographs.

Great Day for little Mister’s brother! (Just guessing the gender). Love seeing young eagles; they are so beautiful. Reese, Woody, thanks so much for bringing them to us!
Response – MR is female – see