Posted by: rlukei | 2014/05/29

Bald Eagle with PURPLE Band “ND” – Update

PURPLE banded bald eagle “ND” is the sibling of Camellia, the bald eagle with a satellite transmitter and banded “NC”. The third eaglet from the Norfolk Botanical Garden nest was banded “NE”. All three have been sighted since they fledged from their nest in May 2010. The travels of Camellia (NC) are recorded on The Center for Conservation Biology web site NE has been seen in the past at Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach. ND was photographed on Jan 16, 2011 at Newport News Park by Robin Buhl. Her photo of ND is below. Thank you Robin.

ND was photographed at Lake Tecumseh in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach by Mike Bivens on May 8, 2014. We appreciate his giving permission to publish his photo below.

untitled (2)

A brief history of ND:

Egg laid Feb 3, 2010

Hatched March 13, 2010

Banded May 5, 2010

Fledged May 29, 2010


This is a photo of all three chicks NC, ND, NE on March 22, 2010 from the Norfolk Botanical Garden live web cam


This is ND on June 2, 2010 sitting on a branch of his nest tree after he had fledged.

IMG_4663-Robin Newport News Park (2)

Photo by Robin Buhl Jan 16, 2011 at Newport News Park



I think it’s remarkable that all three have been spotted AND reported since they’ve fledged.

Beautiful shot Mike, thanks so much for sharing with us! ND is a healthy as well as a good looking eagle, it’s wonderful to see him!

Sweet memories… and a great post. Thanks Reese

OMG! thank you Mr. Mike..oh he is very handsome Cam were you hanging out with your brother? This is wonderful news…Thanks Reese

ND looks so good! I notice this post is on the 4th anniversary of his fledging. He will be an adult next year, without that dirty tail! I hope we get to find out where all of our baby’s nests are… Thanks for sharing your picture Mike! Great post Reese!

Always a great story when one reappears and it can be identified! That’s for the update, Reese, and great sighting, Mike. Thanks everyone for sharing!!

Return to natal area and fly free !

Very exciting news. Thanks for keeping us posted on the legacy from NBG!

Thanks for letting us know you are well, ND. And thanks photographers everywhere for sharing your pictures with the rest of us! Now, I just wish we could find Azalea.

ND is looking healthy and handsome. Like all of you, I am ecstatic over seeing another one of our 2010 (my first season) NBG offspring thanks to Mike Bivens quick and skilled action. — I love our eagle family. Thanks again, Reese, Mike B and CCB.