Posted by: rlukei | 2013/02/04

HK Establishing Territory at Honey Bee Golf Club

On Jan 30, 2013 I posted that HK for the past year has not gone far from Honey Bee Golf Course and the North Landing River in Virginia Beach. That is in contrast to his sibling Azalea and most other juvenile bald eagles who are well known for wandering far and wide. While HK is not wearing a satellite transmitter like Azalea, with the assistance of several local eagle photographers we know from their excellent photos that HK has stayed right around Honey Bee Golf Course for most of the past year.

One area of bald eagle behavior that not much is known is the when and how of territory establishment. Well, we are learning from HK, and again with the help and photo documentation of our fabulous local eagle photographers. It is now known “why” HK is sticking so close to Honey Bee besides being an excellent place to forage for fish. HK is in the process of building a nest on the golf course. The nest location was first identified by the Dynamic Duo of Cary Lynch and Beverly Nettleton on Jan 10, 2013. Does HK have a girlfriend? Maybe. Photographers Jim Deal and Shelly Fowler have captured photos of two bald eagles of the same age (she has darker tail feathers) sitting together and one is definitely HK. Also HK was photographed by Bob Mislan carrying a stick on Feb 1.

For the past three days, Feb 2, 3, 4 I have observed HK bringing sticks to the nest 11 times. During that time I have not seen a female bald eagle come to the nest, and it appears that HK is constructing the nest by himself – apparently establishing his territory. Management of Honey Bee Golf Club is aware of the nest that HK is working on. In fact, while we were at the nest tree HK brought in a stick.

Once again we thank the photographers who have been so observent and provided their photos for all of us to enjoy and learn. All photos are copyright of the photographer.

To view more photos of HK and the other bald eagles visiting Honey Bee go to this link by Pam Monahan-

HK and girlfriend Jan 21 Jim DealHK with girlfriend Jan 21 Jim Deal

Jim Deal Jan 21, 2013

HK with girlfriend Feb 2 at HB Shelly Fowler

Shelly Fowler Feb 2, 2013

HK with branch Feb 1 2013 at HB Bob Mislan

Bob Mislan Feb 1, 2013

HK at HB 02032013 043 (2)HK at HB 02032013 044 (2)HK at HB 02042013 015 (2)

Reese F Lukei Jr Feb 2 and 4, 2013


Thanks Reese for bringing us such wonderful news!

Oh thank you so very much Reese. Finally some good news about our eagle family. I really needed some good news today. I miss watching our eagle family at the nest at NBG so much. This news brings me so much joy just to know they are still out there doing what they do best. Living . . .

Thanks for the wonderful news!! The circle of life continues and hopefully where it can be watched and photographed. Let’s hope HK stays.

Oh this is wonderful new’s..Hope everyone is respectful and Honey Bee will allow nest to stay..But isn’t there an active nest already at Honey Bee ? How does that play out? Also didn’t HE show up last year as well ? I think HE and HK were photographed together ?
Response – No, there is not another eagle nest at Honey Bee. There is an Osprey nest on a transmission tower. Yes, HE has been to Honey Bee but not lately as far as we know.

Well, his genetics should certainly make him a fine nest builder! It is such a happy feeling to read this post. I missed seeing bobbleheads last year, but the As the Nest Turns activity was a good substitute. But not having them THIS year is even harder. While I somehow doubt HK will have time to finish a nest, find a mate and raise young this year, perhaps he will have a good enough set-up that some young thing or displaced experienced older lady will see his potential and join him for a 2014 nest.
Reese – is it in a location where, should that happen, a nest cam could be installed? That could keep people from wandering onto the grounds. I wouldn’t want the folks of the golf course to regret having him move in. I mean, it’s not like he’s just ANY young eagle…he’s an NBG-bred eagle! And how far is Honey Bee from NBG?
Response – Honey Bee does not have any electric power anywhere near the nest, so probably not. Honey Bee about 10 air miles from NBG

Reese, thank you so much for the update 🙂 It makes me grin ear to ear. Thanks to the loyal photogs for sharing too!

I’d like to add my thanks to all of the photographers that spend hours upon to get ‘that’ image. I don’t consider them stalkers, but patient people.

Keep up the good work HK, we are learning from you everyday!

Fantastic news!

We are blessed to have so many people caring enough to keep us aware of the offspring. Thanks to all for your patience and dedication. Keep the pics coming! And hats off to Honeybee for allowing this all to come together.

Wonderful News! I am hoping that Honeybee, doesn’t object to the nest!
Just wonderful news! Thanks all!

Beautiful photo of HK and nest Bob! I began a blog on HK today, since he is nesting. Very exciting he seems to have a mate. Takes after his ole Dad Norfolk! Whats Dad Norfolk up to?

I am thrilled to see HK again and that he is busy building a nest to claim his stake of wilderness!! After seeing him hatch and grow to fledge, it’s almost like visiting a long lost child. This is GOOD STUFF! I’m so happy and blessed to have been able to follow this guy and his parents for so long, even tho I’ve never been to the area. Thank-you to everyone who worked to make that happen and continue to do so!