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NBG Bald Eagle HK

Some facts about Norfolk Botanical Garden bald eagle wearing purple band HK:

Egg laid Feb 10, 2009 – Hatched March 21, 2009 – Banded April 29, 2009 Purple HK #0679-01346 – Sex = Male

This is a photo (Reese F Lukei Jr) of HK just minutes after he fledged on June 3, 2009


Juvenile bald eagles are well known for being “wanderers” during their first four or five years. We have certainly seen that with Azalea – Purple band HH and sister to HK, who has wandered as far north as the Potomac River and as far south as Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. We don’t know just how far HK has wandered, but it does appear that he has not flown far from Honey Bee Golf Course on the North Landing River in Virginia Beach, VA during the past year. He is frequently seen there and several photographers have captured his photo. The first that I know about was by Duane Noblick on Dec 26, 2011 –

Noblick - HK Honey Bee Dec 26-2

In the past two months several other photographers took his picture including – Mike Inman on Nov 29, 2012, and Shelly Fowler on Dec 1, 2012 –

HK at HB Nov 29 M InmanHK at HB Dec 1 Shelly F

As of today Jan 30, 2013 HK was still at Honey Bee and he was captured landing with a fish by photographer Mitesh Raval

HK landing w fish Jan 30 2013 Mitesh RavalHK with fish Jan 30 2013 Mitesh Raval

By the time I arrived at Ware Neck Rd where Mitesh had taken his photos, HK had vanished. Well, sort of. As I said above he has not wandered far lately. I located him half mile away in the farm field at Salem Rd and Lynnhaven Parkway taking a bath in a mud puddle in the middle of the field.

Eagles Honey Bee 2013 001 (2)

All photos copyrighted by respective photographers.


Thank you Reese for the update. I miss your information and your continuing education to us.
We have a pair of eagles that have a nest atop of a cell phone tower. So far they have fledged 2 the first year and 3 last year.
I hope the botanical garden pair get the hint to build elsewhere. I know it is heartbreaking that the pair are being discourgerest but i do understand it is for the best.
I will continue looking at this website and wishing you all the best.

Fantastic photo story Reese! Love the photos and to see HK stay around the area.

We went to have lunch with him yesterday, he ‘wing-tipped’ a hello to us, as only an eagle can do!

Nice compilation of everyone’s photos and observations.

Wonder photo story! Thanks for keeping us to date and thanks to the photographers for the wonderful photos!!

Thank you for keeping us informed ..These eagle’s have a big fan club..more than you know…Hk..HH..and wasn’t He photographed not too long ago with Hk..?
Response – Yes Pat. Good memory. Cary Lynch captured Azalea and HK in a talon lock in April 2012 at Honey Bee.

I’d always enjoyed and learned so much watching the live stream view of the Norfolk nest and following the activities of the eagles and their chicks as they were laid, hatched, then fledged.
Now I particularly appreciate you and the photographers continuing to provide “the rest of the story”. Thanks 🙂
Response – On behalf of all the photographers and CCB – Thank you

This is so cool. Reese, this sure shows us the change in the head and tail feather color of the third and fourth year sub-adult (on this particular individual, just 11 months). I am enthralled! Thanks for the ‘side by side’ that only you could bring to us all.

Great stuff, guys. Thanks so much!

Thank you for this wonderful update and thanks also to the photographers who have kindly shared their photos. I appreciate the effort of everyone involved. I consider it a blessing to be able to catch these glimpses of the the NBG eaglets as they mature. Thank you Reese.

This is exciting! Since we have no NBG nest any longer, I began a blog today on HK! I hope a photographer will donate a nice photo of HK for it. And lets hope his mate doesnt set a stray golf ball! Dont laugh. An owl is trying to hatch an abandoned eagle egg!