Posted by: rlukei | 2011/03/29

“Sunday” on Tuesday Morning

Hi!! I am 17 days old today. My thick second coat of down is keeping me warm on these chilly mornings.


Such wonderful Photos Mr. Luke

Love these closeups. Thanks so much for the information you share with us.

One look at this little one explains why we tend to humanize the baby eaglet. What a face!!

I LOVE these pics!!! Have been watching since before eggs layed and each day brings more & more joy.
Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful project.

Wonderful pictures Reese. I’m one of those addicted eagle watchers. Thank you.

Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing!

OMG he is so cute. Thanks to all of you!

On my bucket list: see an eagle “in person.” Well I did, here in Louisiana, up in a tree over a lake with binoculars. Didn’t really seem that my bucket list was fulfilled. NOW, however, thanks to NBG, CCB, etc. bucket list is being filled to overflowing. Thank you ALL!!

Thank you Reese. These photos are great! I just discovered the Eagle Cam last week and I can’t stop watching. My elementary students LOVE this!

I feel like I’m a surrogate parent to this eagle family. I never been one to fawn over people’s photos of their kids or grandkids when everyone goes “awwwww”. But I sure understand it with the eagles! Awwww! I will talk about this amazing site you’ve belessed us with for the rest of my life. I have 3 eagles for kids now! 🙂