Posted by: rlukei | 2011/03/22

Eaglets Climb Out of Inner Pocket

The viewers of the WVEC/DGIF/NBG eagle web cam were treated today March 22 to a very special event. The day had been quite different than we have seen for the past week. The male came to the nest at 8:06am but did not bring a fish. There was only a small part of a fish left in the nest from yesterday, and was fed to the three eaglets about 9:40. By 10:28 the male had not returned to the nest, so the female left the nest and the eaglets, returning at 10:57. The female poked around the nest looking for scraps to feed her nestlings. Not much there. At 1:55pm the male finally arrived with a large Gizzard shad. The female flew away and the male began eating on the fish on the back edge of the nest. He was being watched very closely by the three chicks who were down in the inner pocket (nest cup) of the nest where they had been confined to keep them warm. Used to being fed every hour or so, they would have been ready to eat again and not willing to wait for dad to finish eating. With the oldest chick (9 days old) leading the way all three of them climbed or crawled out of the inner pocket. Number 3 (5 days old) was second and and number 2 (7 days old) was last.


What a riot!! I missed it today so was happy people got screen captures. Thanks Reese for reporting the “great escape”!

Great captures Reese. Our sweet little girl is busy 🙂 and just love “her”
Thank You …working makes you miss too much !!

That was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I really thought it was too early. Thanks for the opportunity to view this was site and the joy it gives to me.

AWWWW Sooo cute!
I never imagined that they were THAT smart to be able to work together to climb out of the Nest Bowl…

Duane Noblick was at NBG when Mom left the nest at 10:28 and saw her “bonding” with Dad in the 2008 nest tree.

It was a very exciting day to be watching this nest 🙂

I was just informed of this site, and I am impressed! How awesome is Mother Nature…and to see it up close is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the rest of the story!

How will the adult eagles sleep with the babay eagles there?
Response – One of the adults will sleep in the nest with the babies under her or him.

Thank you so much Reese for posting this– I’d missed it and am so very glad that there were enough screen captures to fill out the story. “The Great Escape” indeed– next they’ll be riding motorcycles……

Thanks reese for relating so well what I was laughing so hard to even type.
Watching # 1 just look- act- and get out. I never thought the other two would.
Thanks for all the work you do to inform us

I watched yesterday, sooo cute!!! #1 chick is sure a rebel rouser.

It was so funny to watch them yesterday! They must have been so hungry! Such smart little ones! Your captures are terrific! Hope there will be a posted video so I can watch it all over again! This eagle cam is the best!

Thank you Reese for the opportunity to see it again. I think we have a very smart and very large eaglet there in #1 – maybe another Azalea??? This looks to be a very interesting nest season for sure.

The “great escape” was a real treat…even the youngest who kept falling over but got right back up again. Things are different when Daddy is eaglet-sitting!

Is the 3rd baby eating?
Response – Must be eating. It is growing like the other two eaglets.

I was so happy to have been able to see this while it happened. It was my birthday so for my present, I treated myself to the entire day of eaglet watching. What a great gift the “great Escape” was!

How can anyone say there is no God. He is so great and good to all of his creatures large and small. God bless us all