Posted by: rlukei | 2011/03/20

Where Are the Eagle’s Ears?

A frequent question on the two WVEC eagle chat’s is “Where are the eagles ears located?”. Only during the eaglet’s first two weeks or so when they are in their natal down can we see where the ear is located. It is the hole below and to the right of the eye. Birds do not have the external “pinnae” or ear lob that we humans and other animals have. Hearing is extremely important to birds. These eagles will grow specialized auricular feathers that protect the ears while in flight, but also allow sound to funnel directly to the ear. These photos were taken March 19 with the webcam as eaglet #1 was sleeping on the edge of its nest pocket


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Great question! The information you have and are provlding is so wonderful. What a great learning tool for all – young and old alike,. I am 70 and am in awe of these magnificent birds. Thank you

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