Posted by: rlukei | 2011/03/13

First Eaglet of the 2011 Season

The first of three eggs hatched this morning March 13, 2011 at about 11:15 to 11:25. WVEC web cam viewers got to see half of the egg shell picked up by the female at 11:25. The first proof that an egg was about to hatch was a NBG webcam photo at 8:21 of a pip in the first egg. From then until about 11:00 the female kept getting up and down every couple minutes, and adjusting her position and moving the three eggs. At 11:15 the male arrived at the nest and the female would not get up and let him take over incubating chores, so he left. At 11:25 the female picked up half the egg shell and placed it on the edge of the nest pocket. The first chick had obviously hatched. It would have been exhausted from all the effort to break out of the shell. It was not until 12:43 that we got the first view of the eaglet. The male came in at 1:51 to check things out, but did not enter the nest. Mom being very protective even of dad, but you can see the chicks head being held high. Mom gets a closer look at her first offspring of the 2011 season. About 37 days 20 hours and 25 minutes since egg laid in the nest.


I started watching at 7 am today. It was an awesome sight seeing her constant moving, listening intently and then the egg shell! The baby is adorable! I can’t wait to see the next two! I will be watching constantly! Thanks for all the pictures! They are terrific! Such beautiful birds!

I am so enthralled with watching the Eagles. So excited over the new hatchling.
Also, wonder how do I get onto the Moderated Eagle Cam discussion. I have sent several messages, but don’t know if they are getting thru. I never see my question or comment, and day I have tried.
Have been a bird watcher since 4th grade teacher got us to join an Audubon club, where we got a pamphlet about a bird, a color picture and a coloring page to color of that picture. in 1948-9. Yes I am a bird lover now still at 71. Have my feeders out year round. LOVE THE BIRDS
Response – Kay, the moderated chat should appear on the same screen as the webcam . It is the blue box on right side of the picture. Also check links under picture – last item – Problems seeing webcam?

It always brings tears to my eyes when I watch the magic at this nest each year. Thank you all envolved for making this viewing possible. There is so much love felt around the world seeing the beautiful side of nature… it’s finest. I am an EagleWatch Volunteer in FL monitoring 2 eagle nests. My passion is enhanced with this “up close and personal” view. I will be visiting NBG in June when these little ones fledge. I can’t wait!!

What an extremely exciting day. I spent most of yesterday at NBG and truly enjoyed all of the eagle activity. They really are spectacular! Thank you for sharing such stunning photos!!

This is the first time I have been on a live site like this and I can say I am truly thrilled beyond words. Looking at the beautiful pictures of this tiny miracle of life and the dedicated parents with the help of the camera and moderators are beyond amazement and words. This is the true miracle of life even with our proud wild life friends. Huge kudos to everyone . It was a pleasure to be with the over 4000 people watching. Being a great grandmother just recently and mother of 5 and 12 grandchildren this has been one of the finest times and another miracle of my life and one which I will continue to study immensely. Working in rescue with abused, abandoned and surrendered dogs makes like all that more meaningful and when you see something like this when a new begin in this form it makes it all worthwhile.
I love this world we live in.
Geri – Ottawa
who will now buy a Calendar to enjoy more of the life of the proud Eagles and send in a donation.
Thanks to all the staff who make this possible.

Just Beautiful!!